""3ѹ.ԧԷա Сء˹ѡáԨʹҫ ٺѷ١ " ѹʡ" ͡ ԢԷҴѧ Թ 2-3 ѹҹ ԧصžաͧѧ ҡҪԴͧѹʡ

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 侺 ç¸ иҹ ѷ ӡѴ (Ҫ) Դ

 չ繵 СѡҪ㹡â¸áԨʹҫ˭

 úçҹͧѷ١ 100% ѷ ѹʡ ӡѴ

շع¹ 1,000 ҹҷ ѺԴͺè˹¡ͧѺѭҳ "ѹʡ"

駫ԢԷ͹෹Ҵѧ ص 2012 عԡ

 Сһ 㹻չѹʡ˭ ʹ͵

ԢԷصžաͧѧ 㹪ǧ͹Ҥ-Զع¹

      "ѷҳ㹡û 2,000-3,000 ҹҷ

 ͻźԢԷա 3 Ĵ١Ţҧ˹


 СҿصѺʹѹѺ˹㹡 Ѻһչա觢ѹ٧

 е͹աèҡѺѹԵúҧ" 侺

          侺ա ǷҧúԢԷա ͧ

ͧâ°ҹҴ Դ͡ӹǹҡ͡Ѻ觢ѹա

ҤһѴҳ 300 ҷ͹ ҹͧѹʡ

 Ҥҡͧ 1,500 ҷ ҡͧô٤úء觢ѹ

͡ҡ դ͡ѺѹԵ㹡շ Ͷ·ʹʴ觢ѹҧ蹡ѹ 

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           駹 ѨغѹҢͧͧմҳ 10 ͧ

չѧŧعԴǪͧͧ Сͺªͧͻ عѺ

Դ͹Զع¹ 駺ŧع 400-500 ҹҷ شͧŧ

  ԡ 駺ŧع 100 ҹҷ ͡ѺѹԵ㹡â°ҹմ

 㹷ءͧҧ ͧͷմѧ͡Ժ ҡҹӹǹ鹵ͧ

          ͡ҡ һ͹حҵ "մԨԷ" áԨ

 ѧҡӹѡҹСáԨáШ Ԩ÷ȹСԨäҤ觪ҵ (ʷ.)

˹ѡࡳûҤº㹻 2557 Ѻӹǹͧʹ͵ǻ

еͧԨóҨҡҤ͹حҵͧ ʷ. ͹ҡ˹ҧ 

          ѺšôԹҹͧ㹻 2554 ҹ

 ѷ 9,300 ҹҷ 6.5% աط 626 ҹҷ

  19.5% ѺչҴԺ⵻ҳ 20% 1.1-1.2 ҹҷ

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